Thank you for your interest in Celia Cakes.

Vita is currently on sabbatical from cake decorating and Celia Cakes will not be taking orders for the foreseeable future. 

Best wishes for a wonderful celebration!


the bakery that is dedicated exclusively to creating amazing gluten free cakes.  The idea for this bakery began to take shape after my husband was diagnosed with celiac disease in March 2005.  It took some time to adjust, and we noticed that celebrating special occasions with friends and family was particularly challenging.


At any celebration, the cake is the centerpiece.  By sharing this inspiring and delicious dessert, the host honors and includes their guests.  I wanted to give my husband back the joy of being honored and included in every part of the happiest moments of our family life. I set out to create exceptional gluten free cakes that every one of our guests would love to eat.


I experimented with recipes and ingredients, in search of the right combination of elements to create cakes with a taste and texture that everyone would savor, and I am pleased to say that I succeeded in designing a number of sweet, indulgent, and luxurious confections.


I founded Celia Cakes in order to bring other families the same happiness that we now experience in sharing special moments with the most important people in our lives.  If you are in the Greater Boston area and looking for an exceptional gluten free wedding cake or cake to celebrate any important event in your life, including birthday, showers, graduations, anniversaries, bar/bat mitzvahs, communions, or any special occasion, please contact me, and enjoy!



Vita Cohen